World's Fastest Bitcoin Miner

Yoli Evo Mining Boards featuring the fastest ASIC in the industry, pushing up to 800 GH/s per board!

Yoli Evo, 5-Pack (Batch 3)
Up to 800 GH/s $8,888

Ships June 2014

Eligius Stats for 17ao2fT7gbnnKYpMd7x29E8p4oGdE87Ahd

TimeHashrate AverageWeighted Shares
12 hours693.66 Gh/s6977024
3 hours702.57 Gh/s1766656
22.5 minutes622.24 Gh/s195584
256 seconds720.15 Gh/s42924
128 seconds720.15 Gh/s21462


Fastest chips on the planet, 3 Golden Nonce 28nm ASICs mining @ 2.0 Th/s!

Faster by Design

From the very first drawings our products have been designed to outperform.

They said it couldn’t be done. At least that’s what they told us when we first started talking about the potential for a 28nm ASIC chip back in 2011. So instead of waiting for the world to catch up, we got a head start. From concept to tape out to fab, we’ve pushed our engineers to think bigger — and hash faster — than anyone else in the business. Now, after three years, we’re finally showing the world what this Baby can do.

Meet HashFast’s Golden Nonce

28nm Premium Mining ASIC Chip

Don’t think of it as another powerful chip. Think of it as the future of mining. A 28nm precision mining ASIC that hashes at four times the speed of its nearest rival. The Golden Nonce is designed to be underclocked for greater efficiency and overclocked for greater performance. With built-in thermal controls that allow the the chip to be pushed to the edge without damaging cores. The Nonce isn’t just the fastest chip on the market, it’s the chip against all others are judged.

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