The HashFast Golden Nonce

HashFast Golden Nonce, The World's Fastest Bitcoin Mining ASIC

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The HashFast
Golden Nonce

Still, the Fastest Bitcoin Mining
ASIC in the World. Period.

Low power consumption and up to 750 GH/s


The HashFast Golden Nonce Chip is available to ship immediately and boasts hash rates over 750 GH/s with best-in-class power consumption.

  • High performance 28 nm ASIC mining chip
  • Hashing Output: Up to 750 GH/s (overclocked)
  • Hashing Output: 400 GH/s (nominal)
  • Power Consumption at the chip: 0.65 Watt per GH/sec (+/- 20%)
  • Die has built in thermal controls that allow the chip to pushed to the edge without damaging cores
  • Designed to be under-clocked for greater efficiency, and overclocked for greater performance
  • 4 cores, each one 9mmx9mm, total of 324 square mm
  • Each die has 96 independent cores, a PLL and a temp sensor

Unsure what these numbers mean? Check out our Guide to Understanding Chip Comparisons.


Don’t take our word for it. See the Eligius performance stats yourself.

Eligius Stats for 17ao2fT7gbnnKYpMd7x29E8p4oGdE87Ahd

TimeHashrate AverageWeighted Shares
12 hours0.00 kh/s0
3 hours0.00 kh/s0
22.5 minutes0.00 kh/s0
256 seconds0.00 kh/s0
128 seconds0.00 kh/s0