About HashFast

Founded in 2013 by Simon Barber and Eduardo de Castro, San Francisco-based HashFast Technologies is an industry leader in Bitcoin mining technology. Though we’re a young company, our founders go back to the very beginning of the Bitcoin mining revolution. And we’ve made a big splash. HashFast has been featured extensively in media, from national publications like Inc. and BusinessWeek, to industry specialists like Coindesk, The Genesis Block and Decentralized Hashing.

The Entrepreneur & The Innovator

Simon Barber and Eduardo deCastro have a track record of innovation, success and friendship that stretches back over a decade. Together, they bring not only expertise in developing new tech, but crucial experience in bringing bleeding-edge technology products to market.

HashFast is a unique collaboration between a technological pioneer and a serial entrepreneur. Simon Barber and Eduardo deCastro first found success in 2000, when the two partnered to create Devicescape. The company became an early leader in mobile wireless, and helped bring free Wi-Fi to public places across the world — earning the two international recognition, and returning investment for investors many times over. After seven years at Devicescape, Barber left to become a lead researcher at the highly influential Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), the technology think tank behind technologies such as Ethernet, Windows and the mouse. It was while at PARC, that Barber published a widely-cited paper on Bitcoin, Bitter to Better. The paper helped change thinking about the currency, and laid out a path for the future of Bitcoin.

It was Barber’s passion for Bitcoin, paired with deCastro’s realization of the game-changing potential for financial transactions, that reunited the two. Simon knew the power a 28nm ASIC chip could bring to Bitcoin mining. And with a business partner like deCastro — a man who had raised over seven million in venture funding during one of the worst downturns in history — he knew they could once again change an industry. In early 2013, they began assembling an A-team of designers, engineers and ASIC experts to conceive the Golden Nonce (GN). When their once-theoretical 28nm GN taped out in August, HashFast quickly became one of the most talked about names in the Bitcoin mining industry.

Today, HashFast is the company to watch in Bitcoin mining, a standard-bearer for quality and innovation.