An Apology to Our Customers

We’ve been late to ship out to customers, and we are sorry for it. Being late is never a good thing, and in this market we know it’s particularly negative.

We understand the uncertainty caused by our silence. We know that our customers are looking for answers, particularly with regards to our shipping timeline. We have been working to resolve our issues with getting product shipped, but have not communicated with our customers.

Below is a brief explanation of what happened and what we are doing about it. Expect to hear more over the coming days.


Eduardo deCastro, Founder and CEO, HashFast

Simon Barber, Founder and CTO, HashFast

Why Our Shipments Have Been So Late

We were late because our board design was late. We focused entirely on designing our silicon, which was on time, and works extremely well but, in order to focus on our core competence in ASICs, we left the design and assembly of the board to a contractor.

Though it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, in retrospect, this was a mistake. Not only did the contractor slip their dates repeatedly, but the board design that was finally delivered to us was buggy and did not work reliably.

We have since fixed this, both with improved versions of the original design and an all-new design, which works extremely well (see Even so, this created a production bottleneck; and we are still working to get through that.

How We’re Fixing The Bottleneck

We are in the process of converting our large orders from systems to chips. This provides them more hashing power than was originally ordered, and can be delivered quickly. Additionally, it also frees up capacity to serve the rest of our customers much more quickly.


We know that there are still people who have requested refunds and have not yet received them. We are processing them as fast as we are able to. Please bear with us.