Announcing our Partnership with Pepper Mining

Update: 12-May-2014 — Pepper Mining is only a licensee of Hashfast’s, who has been specifically enabled by Hashfast to design, manufacture and sell products based on our Golden Nonce ASIC. We specifically do not have a formal partnership with them. We consider Pepper Mining to be a Premier Design Partner because they have the ability to take our Golden Nonce ASIC and turn it into a high-performance Bitcoin mining solution.

Pepper Mining Logo

Today, we would like to proudly announce our HashFast Premiere Design Partnership program, and Pepper Mining as the first our our key partners.

As HashFast continues to fortify our emphasis in ASIC innovation, it’s clear that valued partnerships are quickly becoming our focal business (over our initial products). As a result we have formalized a program suited for organizations who develop products around our Golden Nonce ASICs.  HashFast Premier Design Partners are those who have established manufacturability of products, for resale and who are volume purchasers of HashFast ASICs.

Habanero Mining Board from Pepper Mining

Pepper Mining features an original board design.  The Habanero miner boasts hashing speeds of +710 GH/s at 1 Watt per GH. Orders for their first batch are now being accepted through Monday, May 13th.

Eligius Stats for 1CAqwaYmNn6SZbk4G3e9cXxsJ3tJVfGuzt

TimeHashrate AverageWeighted Shares
12 hours0.00 kh/s0
3 hours0.00 kh/s0
22.5 minutes0.00 kh/s0
256 seconds0.00 kh/s0
128 seconds0.00 kh/s0

As a HashFast Premier Design Partner, Pepper Mining can also provide manufacturing services for customers who have HashFast ASICs in-hand. For more information, please contact Pepper Mining on their website.