Yoli Evo Mining Board running at 975 MHz getting 733 GH/s*

Check out a screenshot of a Yoli Evo Mining Board hashing at 975 MHz and getting 733 GH/s* with only a single HashFast Golden Nonce ASIC. As shown in both CGMiner:     and as reported in the mining pool statistics:     Click here to learn more about or pre-order a Yoli Evo Mining Board […]


Thoughts on Taxes and Bitcoins

April 15 is drawing near and the subject of Bitcoin and the IRS has been a hot one. On one hand, IRS recognition helps legitimize Bitcoin in the eyes of the Feds; however, the consensus seems to be that reporting capital gains on each transaction will create unreasonable amounts of paperwork. There has been a […]


The Race to Accept Bitcoin

Over the past week, three online payment-as-a-service vendors announced they will accept Bitcoin from purchasers. The first was Stripe, who, on March 27th, announced they would be the first online payment processor to support Bitcoin.  Stripe’s product offering is a developers’ toolkit allowing devs to easily design checkout flows.  They may have been right about being […]


TRO response from Hashfast

On Friday, March 28, 2014, Deans & Lyons lawyers obtained a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Hashfast Technologies and issued this press release ( On Saturday, March 29, 2014, CoinDesk reported this story ( It is our intent to be as transparent and open with our customers, partners, vendors, and friends as possible.  Here is […]


Hashfast at Texas Bitcoin and Coverage on Money & Tech

Earlier this month we had the privilege to exhibit at the Texas Bitcoin Conference in Austin, where we brought out our first prototype of the Sierra Evo. It was an exciting opportunity to take the wraps off our next generation of mining technology based on our Evo platform. And the setting couldn’t be any better, […]


Spring Shipping Updates, Evo Upgrade Offer and MPP Details

Update: You may find further details and answers to frequently asked questions about the upgrade option on our FAQ page. Shipping Updates We have finished shipping Batch-1, and we are currently working through Batch-2 which is anticipated to be complete in April, 2014. Batch-3 shipments are anticipated be complete in May, 2014, and Batch-4 in […]


World’s First 2TH/s Miner

March 6th, 2014 HashFast has debuted the world’s first working 2 TH/s Bitcoin miner, at the Texas Bitcoin Conference in Austin, Texas. The unit in Austin has been averaging more than 2.1TH/s live at the show. What makes that all the more amazing is that it cruises at this speed on just three chips – […]


Join Us in Texas! Live Demo of The World’s first 2 TH/s miner!

Many years ago,  in 1999,  our CEO, Eduardo deCastro graduated with his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin….  so Austin seemed like the perfect venue for the first public demonstration of our Sierra Evo, the world’s first 2TH/s Bitcoin miner. Join us March 5th & 6th at the Texas Bitcoin Conference! We will be […]


70% More Hashing from a Single 28nm Bitcoin Mining ASIC!

Now that we’ve opened up sales for our new Yoli Evo Mining boards, and the Sierra Evo 3 (which includes three of the boards), we wanted to give you a closer look at what makes the boards so exceptional, and how they differ from previous generations and the existing competition. The new Yoli Evo Mining […]


HashFast Announces Next Generation ‘Evo’ Products

This week, we’re proud to announce the next generation of ASIC Bitcoin mining products. Starting today, you can order both our new Sierra Evo 3 rigs and our new Yoli Evo Mining Boards for delivery in April. Thanks to improvements we’ve made, the new boards are faster than ever. In fact, with the new Yoli […]


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