HashFast Undergoing Maintenance 8/12/2014 is undergoing maintenance today 8/12/14. We don’t anticipate any outages, but bear with us if there are any glitches. We will be up and running as soon as possible.    


HashFast has Chips, Components and System Parts for Immediate Sale

Yes, we are still in business and want to make everyone aware that we are actively selling chips, components and system parts from our current inventory. All is immediately available and will ship within 5 business days. All prices are in US dollars and customer pays all shipping charges. $8,400.00 per 50 HashFast Golden Nonce […]


HashFast reorganization under Chapter 11.

HashFast creditors, customers, partners and suppliers, As you may have seen in the press, on May 9 2014, HashFast had a petition filed against us to move the organization into an involuntary bankruptcy.  We have been hard at work in developing a plan to see how to best serve our customers, supply vendors, and other […]


Announcing our Partnership with Pepper Mining

Update: 12-May-2014 — Pepper Mining is only a licensee of Hashfast’s, who has been specifically enabled by Hashfast to design, manufacture and sell products based on our Golden Nonce ASIC. We specifically do not have a formal partnership with them. We consider Pepper Mining to be a Premier Design Partner because they have the ability […]


On Why We’re Not Scammers

I joined this company, a month ago, with full knowledge of the challenges HashFast was facing.  I joined because the technology blew my mind and the team was amazing.   I think it’s time to publicly address the notion that HashFast scammed our customers.  Let me tell you that nobody is lying on the beach […]


HashFast Refocuses

Our current business model has been less successful than we would like for us, as well as our customers. HashFast has changed our organization and the focus of our business. First, we have realigned our focus to our core competency, which is Bitcoin ASIC technology. With the fastest ASIC in the world, this is where […]


Understanding Chip Comparisons

One of the many unclear aspects of bitcoin mining technology is knowing how to interpret chips specs, and particularly chip comparisons. To a large extent it’s natural; every manufacturer does things their own way, and describes them in their own terms. Even internally, chip manufacturers are often inconsistent in our use of terms. This can […]


Production Update

This post is to update our customers on our progress with production and shipping as of today. Batch-1 Batch-1 is closed. Every customer who wished to do so has received their purchases. Of the remaining customers some requested to receive a refund instead, and have received a refund check and cashed it. What remains are […]


An Apology to Our Customers

We’ve been late to ship out to customers, and we are sorry for it. Being late is never a good thing, and in this market we know it’s particularly negative. We understand the uncertainty caused by our silence. We know that our customers are looking for answers, particularly with regards to our shipping timeline. We […]


Temporary Restraining Order Expired

As expected, the TRO issued by the court for Tarrant County, Texas court expired. The TRO is no longer in effect. It was granted without Hashfast Technologies being notified of the case, and without giving us the opportunity to participate in the hearing. The case was removed from the state court’s jurisdiction.


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