HashFast Announces Fastest Bitcoin Mining Chip in the World!

HALF A TERAHASH/s (500GH/s) on a single chip.

Complete bitcoin mining system as found in the BabyJetashFast ASIC Golden Nonce- Half a Terahash

HashFast engineers, continuing the bringup process of HashFast’s GN chip and module, achieved our stated commercial performance today – exceeding 400 GH/s for a single GN ASIC by operating all four die on the GN device at a hash clock rate of 550 Mhz. Our engineers then proceeded to increase hash clock-rate, achieving performance in excess of 500 GH/s while easily staying within the specified timing constraints for the ASIC. Our conservative design margins allow for still further increases, and we expect to see even greater performance over the coming days.

This milestone represents a breakthrough in Bitcoin mining technology and is several times faster than existing competitive offerings. We have commenced volume production of mining systems for shipment to our early adopters over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for further performance results.


Kind regards,

Simon Barber