Update from Ciara

A quick update from Ciara, our final assembly house. I came out here yesterday, with three modules in my carry-on. Ciara is eager to assemble our machines, and to work out ahead of time any wrinkles in the assembly process.

We made good progress in working out how best to attach the cooling head to the chip in an easy and repeatable fashion.

Marco Measuring

They’ve started assembling Baby Jets (overnight tonight). They aim by night’s end to have the first round of assembly done for 400 Baby Jets.

They took the Baby Jets’ chassis’ out of their boxes and opened them up. Removed their drive bays and other unneeded components. Unboxed the Seasonic power supplies, attached and labeled their cables, and installed the supplies in the Baby Jets. Inserted the cooling unit and radiator. Added an additional chassis fan on the back of the box. Then screwed the chassis back together, put it back in its styrofoam packing material, and stacked each on pallets.

Labeling Power Cables

I look forward to another productive day tomorrow.