Updated Shipping News

We know you’re eager to get production updates, so we wanted to fill you in on some important news.

We now have a more accurate picture of our anticipated shipping timeline.  The majority of the project is on track and, in many cases, ahead of schedule. However, one important component, the substrates, is going to take a few weeks longer than we wanted.

Our vendor has told us that the substrates — one of the final components in completing the chip module  — are going to take a more time than expected.  The good news is that the silicon, arguably the more complicated part of the design, is right on track.  Once the substrates arrive, we can place the silicon and finish production. Our updated estimate is that the rigs will begin shipping in mid-November.

Since the start, HashFast has been unequivocally committed to the idea that we will produce the highest quality product. We focus on this each and everyday, and have made solid progress by partnering with leading companies across the space such as Uniquify, TSMC, CoolIT, Sea Sonic, and CIARA and, more importantly, by finding a balance between expediency and quality.

We’re standing by that now. While we’d like to have these rigs to you sooner, it’s more important for us to get it right than to rush it. These machines are not meant to last just a month, but to generate value over a longer horizon — a goal only accomplished by building reliable, high quality products.

We’re as eager as any of our miners to see the rigs going into boxes — and until now we’ve been ahead of schedule. After all, we were the first in the industry to tape-out a custom 28nm chip, and thanks to deals with companies like CIARA and Sea Sonic, many of the components for the Baby Jets and Sierras are all ready to go. So as soon as the substrates meet our quality expectations, we’ll be able to move forward with production at incredibly quick rates.

To that end, and as part of our overall commitment to transparency, we’re posting a live schedule that will allow you to follow the progress of the rigs, and better anticipate when yours will arrive. We’ll be updating the schedule in real time as we get the latest information.

For those customers with our Miner Protection Program, remember you’ll be able to mitigate any time lost hashing with additional ASIC chips. We know that time is money — but so is hashing power. That’s why we designed the Miner Protection Program, and why now, as we reach the finish line, we’re making sure that the machines we produce are better than anything else on the market.

If you’ve got any questions about the production process or the ship dates, please email us directly at [email protected] We’re eager to get you these rigs, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.